EV Chargers

Licensed installers of EV (Electric Vehicle) charging systems, specializing in commercial properties. We install Level-2, network-enabled EV chargers customized to best fit your business needs. Revenue-generating EV charger options are available to all our commercial clients.  We work with California government EV charger incentive programs that cover 50%-100% of the cost in the form of a rebate to the customer. The EV market is a rapidly growing market, especially in California. 50% of all-electric vehicle owners are Californians. With electric vehicles gaining popularity due to their environmental benefits, let us help you take advantage of these government incentives while the funding is available.  

EV Charger Benefits:

Large Site Infrared Thermal Imaging Electrical Testing

Infrared thermal imaging technology is revolutionizing the way we conduct electrical testing, especially in large sites like multi-family homes and commercial buildings. This cutting-edge method allows for non-invasive inspections, enabling electricians to detect potential problems before they escalate into costly repairs or dangerous situations.

At the core of infrared thermal imaging is its ability to measure temperature variations across electrical systems accurately. These variations often indicate underlying issues such as overloads, faulty wiring, or worn-out components. For property owners and managers of multi-family homes and commercial spaces, this means being able to take proactive steps in maintaining the safety and efficiency of their electrical infrastructure.

Why is this important? Electrical failures are not just inconvenient; they can lead to serious safety hazards, including fires. For multi-family residences, where the well-being of numerous families is at stake, and in commercial buildings, where operations are critical, the stakes are even higher. Regular infrared electrical testing becomes an essential tool in safeguarding these properties.

As we look closer at infrared thermal imaging electrical testing, we’ll explore how this technology works, its benefits, and why Access Electrical & Lighting is the go-to expert for these services. With our state-of-the-art FLIR E8-Pro cameras, we offer comprehensive and reliable testing solutions tailored to the unique needs of multi-family and commercial properties.

What is Infrared Thermal Imaging Technology

Infrared thermal imaging technology is a sophisticated tool that plays a crucial role in electrical testing. It uses infrared cameras, like the FLIR E8-Pro, to capture and measure the thermal energy emitted from an object or area. These cameras translate the energy into visible light on a thermal image, showcasing a spectrum of colors that represent different temperatures. This process allows for the detailed visualization of heat emitted by electrical components, even those not visible to the naked eye.

The FLIR E8-Pro camera stands out in the field of condition monitoring and electrical inspections. It offers high-resolution thermal imaging, which is essential for accurately identifying and diagnosing potential electrical issues. The camera’s ability to pinpoint hot spots in electrical systems is invaluable for preventive maintenance. Detecting areas of excessive heat can highlight potential problems like electrical overloads, phase imbalances, or poor connections that could lead to equipment failure or fire risks.

For owners and managers of multi-family homes and commercial buildings, understanding the technology behind infrared thermal imaging is vital. It not only helps in identifying electrical anomalies but also in comprehending the significance of timely and regular testing. Through this technology, Access Electrical & Lighting provides a clear picture of the electrical health of a property, ensuring safety and efficiency in its electrical systems.

Benefits of Infrared Electrical Testing for Multi-Family Homes

At Access Electrical & Lighting, we understand the critical importance of maintaining the electrical integrity of multi-family homes. Infrared electrical testing provides a host of benefits, paramount among them being the assurance of safety and the prevention of unexpected and costly breakdowns.

Safety is our top priority. Electrical issues, if left unchecked, can lead to dangerous situations, including fires. With infrared thermal imaging, we can detect and address potential hazards before they escalate, ensuring the safety of residents.

Cost efficiency is another significant advantage of infrared electrical testing. By identifying problems early, we help property owners avoid the high costs associated with major repairs and replacements that come from sudden electrical failures. Early detection means less downtime, reduced repair costs, and extended equipment lifespan. For multi-family homes, where budgeting for maintenance and repairs is crucial, the cost-effectiveness of preventive maintenance through thermal imaging is crucial.

On top of that, infrared testing plays a vital role in energy efficiency. By pinpointing areas of energy loss and electrical system inefficiencies, we can guide targeted maintenance and improvements, resulting in substantial energy savings.

Application in Commercial Buildings

In commercial settings, electrical systems are the backbone of daily operations. A minor electrical issue can lead to significant disruptions, affecting productivity and profitability. Our infrared testing service helps in identifying potential electrical problems before they result in costly downtime. By conducting thorough scans of electrical panels, wiring, and other components, we ensure that businesses can operate without unexpected interruptions.

The value of infrared electrical testing in commercial buildings also lies in its ability to support preventative maintenance programs. Through regular testing, we can track the condition of electrical systems over time, allowing for data-driven maintenance decisions. This proactive approach minimizes the risk of equipment failure and extends the life of electrical components, translating into significant cost savings for business owners.

Infrared testing is also an invaluable tool for energy management. By identifying areas of energy waste and inefficiency, we can recommend corrective actions that reduce energy consumption and costs. In short, it empowers businesses to maintain safe, efficient, and sustainable operations, safeguarding their assets and future.

What’s Involved in

Infrared Electrical Testing

At Access Electrical & Lighting, our process for conducting large-site infrared electrical testing is thorough and methodical. While we make sure that each client gets tailored service that meets their unique needs, here’s a rundown of the basic process:

  • Assessment of Electrical System: We start with a detailed assessment to identify critical areas in the property’s electrical infrastructure, such as main panels, distribution boards, and essential machinery.
  • Infrared Scanning: Using the FLIR E8-Pro infrared camera, we conduct a thorough scan of these key areas to detect temperature anomalies indicating potential electrical problems.
  • Systematic Inspection: Our technicians systematically inspect the site, ensuring every component is meticulously examined for any signs of electrical issues.
  • Image Analysis: After capturing thermal images, we analyze them to accurately assess and pinpoint the exact nature and location of any detected anomalies.
  • Reporting and Recommendations: We compile a detailed report, offering a clear and comprehensive view of the electrical system’s condition, and provide targeted recommendations for any necessary corrective actions.

Interpreting the Results: What Do They Mean for Your Property?

Interpreting infrared thermal imaging results is a process loaded with complexity and nuance, but it can deliver essential insights into the health of your property’s electrical systems. The thermal images serve as a window into the unseen world of electrical currents, revealing hot spots that signal potential issues like overloads, loose connections, or worn-out components.

These hot spots are carefully analyzed for their temperature and location, helping us understand the urgency and scope of the problems. This analysis is more than a technical assessment, it provides a comprehensive view of the electrical system’s condition, highlighting whether the detected issues are isolated incidents or part of a larger, systemic problem.

Partner With Access Electrical & Lighting for Your Infrared Electrical Testing Needs

Choosing Access Electrical & Lighting means opting for a partner who prioritizes the safety and efficiency of your property’s electrical systems. 


With our advanced infrared thermal imaging services, we provide a detailed analysis that helps prevent potential hazards and costly repairs. Our expertise in handling large sites, whether multi-family homes or commercial buildings, ensures that your electrical infrastructure is thoroughly inspected and maintained to the highest standards. 

By partnering with us, you benefit from our commitment to delivering comprehensive, reliable, and timely solutions. Don’t wait for small issues to grow in scope, expense, and danger, contact Access Electrical & Lighting today and secure the health and safety of your electrical systems.